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Alpha Global offers tremendous opportunities for investments under defined priority sectors. Our priority sectors include cryptocurreny, Tourism, Information Technology, Agriculture, Financial Services, Renewable Energy, International Education and Light Manufacturing. At Alpha Global we have succeeded in creating an attractive investment climate through cryptocurrency reform, sound policies and careful planning. As a result, we continue to experience strong annual growth in local and Foreign Direct Investments.

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Who Are We?

Alpha Global is a global investment company focused on cryptocurrency, investment brokerage, fund management, capital market and FOREX market affiliated with international brokers and analysts with years of experience working and implementing trade strategies
The main aim of our establishment is to provide a secured, safe and 100% guaranteed investment environment to all our investors and clients all over the world at all levels, with a very secured system, promised to give you the best time of investment without fear, as well as top level of services and support.
Alpha Global have been existing in the market since 2016 and was incorporated as Alpha Global AS in 28 October 2016 to serve as Financial management system which gives our investors significant profit and reasons to invest in financial market till date.
We also provide investors the opportunity available in the financial markets to invest their money and allow our team of experts utilize their invested money to identify wealth creation opportunities and evaluate the impact of acting on those opportunities in trading.
The money you entrust with us becomes a part of our investment capital and will be managed by our team of experts.

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Stable Profits

Our clients satisfaction is our priority and helping them reach their highest stable profit is our goal.

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Automated Process

All operations within our system, including financial transactions and statistical reporting, occur in real time.

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All Our investment plans are tailored to the level of your investment opportunities. By investing more for a longer period, you can count on higher earnings.

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